Customized Products
A wide array of hydraulic pumps is sourced by BAHRAINDIA to cater to the needs of various industry verticals. Our partners for global sourcing comprise reputed international manufacturers.
Piston Pumps
Vane Pumps
Gear Pumps
Gear, gerotor and piston style operating configurations are presented in a comprehensive fashion. Furthermore, quality products are supplied from acclaimed manufacturers across the globe.
Axial Piston Motor
Radial Piston Motors
Hydraulic Gear Motors
BAHRAINDIA supplies hydraulic and electro hydraulic valves for industrial, construction and material handling equipments. Our exhaustive range comprises control and bankable control valves, motion controllers pressure control valves, servo valves, Cartridge valves, and manifold mounted direction and proportional valves.
Bahraindia offers a wide ensemble of hydraulic cylinders from manufacturers of international distinction. Our extensive range of hydraulic cylinders, both single action and double action is designed to address your specific requirements.
We provide quick & easy solutions for your applications. Our range also includes integral sensors, double end rod, electro-hydraulic cylinders, adjustable stroke etc
BAHRAINDIA supplies an extensive multitude of hydraulic accumulators and related offerings. Furthermore, a complete range of piston and bladder type accumulators and other accessories are also available.
BAHRAINDIA supplies a mammoth line-up in filtration product line to maximize the tenability of your hydraulic systems and components. These include customised pressure and return line filters in low medium and high-pressure filters. Replacement filter elements interchanges from 150+ manufacturers world over are sourced at a single point contact.
  BAHRAINDIA is one reliable source for all types of hydraulic fittings and adaptors.  

We have complete range of Quick Disconnect couplings that are connecting devices which permit convenient, instantaneous linking and separating of fluid lines.

It nullifies system seepage and ensures reliability since the chances of air, dirt and moisture being trapped in the system is eliminated.

  Hydraulic Torque Wrenches  
  BAHRAINDIA sources one of the best quality torque wrenches available in the industry.  
Bolt Tensioning Equipments
  Air Cylinders  
  BAHRAINDIA supplies a spectra-wide range of air cylinders.  
Short stroke, single or double acting clamping air cylinders  8 to 100mm
Single or double acting air cylinders, 0 8 to 63mm
Double acting cylinders with profiled barrel or tie rods, 32  to 200 mm
Special purpose air cylinders (anti rotation, rod lock adjustable stock, etc
Rodless cylinders with or without carrier bracket
Rotating Cylinder
  Air Service Equipment  
  We keep a complete range of air service equipment "metal made" specially designed to answer to the reliability and performances demands for industrial environments and performance.  
Flow rate up to 16500 l/min ANR
Max inlet pressure 17.5 bar
Setting range from 0,5 - 4 bar to 0,5 - 16 bar
Filtration: 30µ - 5µ - 0,01µ - activated carbon filter
Temperature up to 60°C
  We provide consultancy and can assist you by advising and supplying numerous air service products such as filters, regulators, lubricators, FR-FR+L, Isolation valves, shut off valves etc. in various sizes and connections.  
  Valves/Solenoid Valves  
BAHRAINDIA offers an in-depth range of innovative products for fluid control and fluid power applications. Our product range includes pneumatic air operated or solenoid air operated spool valves, poppet valves, manually and mechanically operated pilot valves, spool valves etc. We supply timer valves that enable safe and efficient drainage of fluids such as moisture, oil, water etc. Besides, BAHRAINDIA also supplies a valves and logic processing systems such as Piloted axial valve, Standard Ball valve, Needle valves etc.
Push-in fittings for compressed air,
Pneumatic function fittings for controlling air speed, detection of pressure drops,
Fittings for liquid and gas
Brass and stainless steel compression fittings
  Tubes & Hoses  
Our pneumatic tubes and hoses consist of polyurethane, nylon, polyethylene and fluoropolymer FEP 140 tubes, recoil tubes, braided PVC hoses.
  Quick Acting Couplers  
Our metal quick acting couplers are used for compressed air and water from passage 2mm to 19mm for flow capacities up to 8500 l/min (300 cfm). Our advanced quick acting safety couplers offer flexibility for pneumatic installation that call for persistent connection or disconnection used for compressed air.
Pneumatic Accessories  
Other Products
Gland Packing
  Replacement spare parts  
  Replacement Crane spare parts for all major international brands (mobile, crawler, ship and offshore)  
Replacement Spare parts for air compressors of all major international brands  
  Replacement parts for Caterpillar/Komatsu/Rexrorh/Linde/Kawasaki/Vickers Pump parts  
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